"Freewind Martial Arts embraces the elements of old school honor, integrity, and Bushido"
-Kelly Worden-

         Freewind Martial Arts


"Jack is an amazingly talented practitioner and equally talented as a teacher for any and all level of students. Freewind martial arts embraces the elements of old school honor, integrity, and Bushido. If you live in Eastern Washington don't hesitate to seek out Jack Gibson for martial skill development in a friendly and safety-conscious training center!"
Kelly Worden, owner/founder, Natural Spirit Int'l, Tacoma WA


"Freewind has over the years proven to be a leader in creating brilliant martial practitioners. Students going through and graduating from the program have continuously shown to be self reliant, outgoing and contributors to our communities whom have the ability to defend themselves and the ones they love.

Freewind opened the doors to me early on in my martial journey. Jack gave me my first opportunities to shine and grow as a leader and what he has done for me are easily my greatest memories. He can and is willing to do that for you too.

Freewind Martial Arts embodies the truest sense of what’s important in life.

It’s good to see Jack Gibson bringing his passion of the arts to everyone again.

There are truly very few instructors I can recommend more highly than Master Gibson."

~Ken Smith,
Founder, Advanced Martial Systems-N.W.

Creator of Jet City Jeet Kune Do

I can protect myself. I learn more all the time. Makes me feel proud. I have made friends. I work really really hard to accomplish what I do. Plus I love sparring!
~Brianna McPherson, Age 7
I studied with Eric and his brother Shawn [Dover] under Jack almost 20 years ago. The lessons I learned are still with me today and I can still kick well over my head having been out of it for a long time and almost 40. Great experience as a boy and young man and I'm very happy to see it is still going. 
~Joshua David Clark
Lt. Colonol USAF

"Freewind is an efficient, sensible and realistic martial art that offers something for everyone, from neophyte to expert.
Mr. Gibson is a wealth of knowledge and spirit and is one of the best instructors around."
~Jeff Bray, Owner/Instructor, Progressive Fighting Concepts/Allied Martial Arts Academy, Wenatchee, WA
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