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Our mission statement
Our mission is a simple one: to provide the best martial arts instruction in our area by offering exciting, energetic classes taught by instructors that have a passion for the martial arts and its positive benefits.

Our constant goal is to teach students to "create themselves" by helping them to improve the fitness of their mind, their body and their spirit. 

We will instill in our students positive values, such as self control, discipline, self-respect, and respect for others.    

We will do our best to ensure that our students Improve their self-confidence, are prepared to protect themselves and their loved ones, become physically fit and dedicate themselves to helping make our community a safe, prosperous and vibrant place to live.

Our Instructors

Jack Gibson, 6th degree black belt, has been practicing martial arts for over 40 years. 

He founded the Freewind Martial Arts system in Moses Lake, Washington in 1980 and taught the Freewind program for 25 years. He has competed successfully in a variety of competitions, from karate tournaments to full-contact kickboxing.

Mr. Gibson has trained extensively in Tae Kwon Do; kickboxing; self-defense; and Filipino stick, knife and empty hand skills.

"In 1974 I found the thing that changed my life--I started training in martial arts and have done so ever since. From my training, I found the focus that has kept me physically fit; decreased stress; increased self-confidence and self-image; protected me in dangerous situations; taught me courtesy, responsibilty and respect; gave me the self-discipline to forge a successful career as an information technology administrator; and made me a better person in just about every way possible. I believe in the life-changing attributes of martial arts and I teach because I want to share these benefits." -Jack D. Gibson

Freewind Martial Arts

FWMA was born in 1980. Sensei Jack Gibson created the system based on the concept of a central, foundational style (Tae Kwon Do) with the essences of other effective styles added as the system grew and evolved. Along the way, Gibson included elements of Kenpo (Ed Parker style), Filipino arts (thanks to the guidance of Datu Kelly Worden), as well as boxing and MMA.

Freewind was the first full-time martial arts studio in the Moses Lake area and offered classes continuously for nearly 25 years. Hundreds of men, women and children learned the Freewind style over the decades. Freewind students competed successfully in dozens of Northwest tournaments, even reaching the status of being rated among the top competitors in many divisions.

Three facets of Martial arts are the building blocks of every FWMA class, Traditon, Sport and Reality: The traditions of ancient asian martial arts, including honor, respect, and integrity; sport competition where students have the opportunity to test their skills in quality regional tournaments, allowing them to be exposed to a variety of other arts and artists; The reality of self defense in all its aspects, relating to the world we live in now.

The FWMA slogan is "create yourself". We believe that martial arts training will give the individual, whether a child or adult, all of the tools necessary build themselves into a vital, confident person, ready to meet all of life's challenges and succeed.

Moses Lake was put on the regional martial arts map by Freewind Martial Arts and it's students. The rebirth of FWMA will continue this tradition.

Freewind Martial Arts is back and will be better than ever!

Freewind Martial Arts is currently owned and operated by Jack and Kim Gibson.

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